14th Shenyang International Animal Husbandry Exposition

The fourteenth Shenyang International Animal Husbandry Expo in China has recently come to an end. The show was held in the Shenyang International Exhibition Center with a total of nearly 4900 booths over 120,000 square meters. The show includes animal husbandry machinery and equipment, feed additives, high-tech breeding techniques, disease prevention and livestock management, covering a wide range of animals especially farm animals such as swine, cattle and rabbits etc. and other core farming enterprises. It is one of the biggest annual livestock industry showcase platform in the world which attracts the attention of hundreds of millions of farmers and practitioners around the world.

DÖLO, as one of the leading solution and equipment provider for professional breeding companies in China, had participated in the 14th Livestock Fair. We are committed to provide customers with reliable breeding solution covering the entire process of artificial insemination, and a complete line of products from seed preservation equipment to farm management software.

We take every customers seriously and their feedback is what make us so good now. We exhibited a few of our newest cutting-edge products, for instance wireless detecting tools such as backfat detector and veterinary ultrasound. We also showcased some of our leading products such as automatic filling machine, semen analyzing software, water purification system, automatic filling machine etc.

In a three days time, DÖLO had succeded in attracting the attention of many farmers and further expand our recognition. It had also been a enriching experience for our team who is always at their fullest. We are already preparing ourselves for the next year, so expect to see us at the 15th China Animal Husbandry Expo in Shenyang in 2017, we will be excited to meet you !

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