DÖLO won the award of the most influential business during the 10th Key Swine AI technology seminar

The "Tenth National Swine Artificial Insemination Technology Seminar" was recently held in Haikou City, Hainan Province. It is sponsored by China Pig Information Network, with DÖLO as one of this event's key co-organizer.

Opening ceremony by the Chinese Information Network editor pig, "pig industry science," Professor Sun Delin, deputy editor chaired Yunpeng Beijing Animal Husbandry webmaster opening remarks, we reviewed the National Master Yunpeng artificial insemination through key technical seminars pig years away, tells the General Assembly by the immature to mature development, he stressed the key role in promoting the field of artificial insemination of pigs played by the General Assembly.

Decade of grinding things a year, enough to record 10 years of experience in swine artificial insemination technology, experienced people. In recognition of 10 years of all kinds of elite insemination teaching, research, extension and production and business, the conference organizing a series of selection activities, according to the number of Chinese pig vote Information Network website platform and "pig-line" with micro-channel platform elected members of the Group of the meeting, the final selection of "special contribution Award", "best Choice elite" award, "the most influential business award", "the most influential companies - station boar / pig farm" and other awards. Yunpeng Master, vice president Wang Wanwei, Zhangbao Rong researcher, Professor Zhu Shien, Professor Li Jiaqi and other leaders and experts for the award winners and personnel. Pigs fairy in this meeting won the "most influential enterprises (station boar / pig farm)" award.

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