Semen Extraction

Semen extraction is the 1st step of theis whole process.  Quantity is the main factor when it comes to semen extraction.  With a good semen collector meeting every requirements your will yield pleasant result one after another. The requirements are the following :

-Confort, appropriate size as well as support component

-Anti bacterial

-Easy to manipulate

-High extraction pace, 8-10 boar per hour.

Sperm Examination

Here we examine the sperm's quality, and it concerns mostly sperm's motility as well as the number of sperm cells. And in order to precisely determine this informations, the equipment must posses the a high accuracy to give you trustworthy datas.

A basic analysis system should provide you datas on sperm cell's motility, cell stimulation and it should also be able to detect abnormal sperm cells (e.g. cytoplasmic droplets). All the while the microscope needs to be easy to manipulation and a fast processing. Having a clear visual is also strongly recommanded. 

It is very important that your sperm analysis system can accuratly detect cytoplasmic droplets. The presence of these droplets on procine sperm cells may compromise fertility, and will have a negative impact on pregnancy rate as well as litter size. In modern AI systems, it appears to be more cost effective to discard abnormal ejaculates than to use ejaculates that exhibit a high number of morphological abnormalities (I.E. cytoplasmic droplets).

Semen Preperation

The semen preperation step is very important as it will determine the cells vitality thruout the entire process. If this step is neglated then the production rate will decrease significantly. Thus we recommand you to choose wisely your products and be exigent with their qualities.

Semen Packaging

The packaging process requires steady and reliable equipment, the main factors for this operation are speed and firmness.

You also need to value the quality of semen bags, it is very important that the bags are perfectly sealed and resistant. It will significantly reduce accidental semen losses on the long term and on a large production scale.

Semen Preservation

Storing and handling semen correctly at all times will help to improve reproductive performance.


Semen should be stored at a constant temperature of 17°C±0.5°C to maintain semen motility and maximise shelf life. Semen is extremely temperature sensitive: shelf life is shortened at temperatures above 20°C; while temperatures below 15°C are likely to reduce sperm motility. Semen doses should always be treated carefully to prevent damage from rough handling and protected from exposure to light. 

Artificial Insemination

This is the determinal phase in the AI procedure as it's name stats. Succeeding at artificial insemination is compulsory, it will determine your PSY (piglets per sow per year) and thus your profit.

All the precent phases are to make this step a success, but it will of course require specifique equipments to seal the deal. Here we'll focus on the semen introduction catheters.

AI catheters are the most needed consummables in the artificial breeding procedure, so it's quality needs to be impeccable :

-no back flow

-medical standard foam

-animal comfort


-effective and fast

Pregnancy Test

The final step consists on getting result from the previous steps, and to determine the production value. Pregnancy test is an easy task if you have the equipment which allows it. The early you determine the sow pregnancy the better you can manage your farm. Having a viable ultrasound scanner is compulsory if you want to improve your overall pig management. Every information provided by the ultrasound scanners should be accurate. 

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